Discuss Your Home’s Needs With a Turf Farm and Lawn Provider in McLean, VA

There are times during the life of home-ownership that a sprucing up of the lawn is desired. Whether this entails adding sod to sparse areas of the lawn or installing an entirely new lawn, a Lawn Provider in McLean VA, such as Premier Turf Farms, can help. Once the new sod is in place, it is important to care for it properly, first so it can get established, then so it can be maintained year after year. Three important aspects of new sod care include watering, fertilizing, and pest control.

Watering New Sod

Providing new sod with the right amount of water is crucial in it getting established. Without water, the sod may turn brown and dry out. Water new sod until the ground underneath it is completely saturated. This can be checked by rolling back the new sod carefully and observing the ground underneath for moisture. Later, for maintenance, a lawn requires one inch of water per week to stay healthy when it is hot and a little less during cooler times.

Fertilizing New Sod

Fertilizing in the correct amounts is also important in caring for sod. Fertilizer should be added about six weeks after the addition of new sod and then yearly in the spring around one month before summer begins. Using a low-nitrogen fertilizer for the first application will help the sod get established, and a slow-release kind will help prevent overfeeding. Use a broadcast spreader for even application.

Controlling Pests in New Sod

In general, new sod should only be treated for pests on an as-needed basis and only if there was a pre-existing condition that makes it necessary. In this case, spot treats the new sod carefully and according to the instructions for the type of sod present and insecticide being used. One instance in which it may be necessary to apply an insecticide is if grubs are present since grubs can cause damage by eating grass roots.

Premier Turf Farms offers turf-type tall fescue sod that is Virginia State Certified Sod. The sod is a blend of three fescues and 1 bluegrass. It holds its dark green color for longer periods of the year and is drought resistant. Both netted, and non-netted sods are available for pickup or delivery. If you are looking for a Lawn Provider in McLean VA, Visit domain URL for more information.

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