Disabled and Can’t Work? Hire a Social Security Attorney in Sullivan County, NY

When people in the United States become sick or get injured, they are often surprised and terrified that there is no government agency to help them immediately. The government expects them to fend for themselves for the first year. They are expected to use their savings or have family support them. The only exception is if they are expected to die within that period. Then the government will allow them to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The remainder of United States residents will have to wait for twelve months to apply for this program. Even though they have paid into the system for decades, it can be very difficult to become accepted into the program. Often they need to hire a Social Security Attorney in Sullivan County, NY to help them.

An attorney from the law office of Craig S. Fine will review their case with them to ensure that they qualify for the program. Then they will gather up the necessary medical documentation and speak with previous work supervisors to complete the application. Many applicants and doctors who do it without the help of a lawyer think that it’s enough to show that the person is sick. They actually have to prove that the person is disabled and not able to work. There are many people with chronic illnesses who do continue to work. The Social Security disability application requires that a person list their job and the activities that they have to perform to do their job. They have to include all of the tasks and machines that they use. It’s required that they document whether they stand or sit and what accommodations the employer has made to help them continue working. They then have enumerate all of the tasks that they can no longer perform.

It can be hard for a sick or injured person to have the stamina to collect the necessary information, fill out the forms and deliver them to the appropriate staff person. The Social Security Attorney in Sullivan County NY will do this all for them. If a person has attempted to do this and been unsuccessful, they should contact an attorney who will help them file an appeal. They only have 30 days to file an appeal, so they must act quickly.

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