Dingy Smile? Teeth Whitening in Hoover Treatments can Brighten It

When people choose a dental practice, they should select one that provides many types of services. While they may think that they just need to get their teeth cleaned every six months, they might find that a dentist can provide many other services. Teeth Whitening in Hoover is one of the many popular cosmetic dentistry procedures that patients often request. They are much more comfortable having an extended treatment when they know the dentist who will be performing it. When new patients Meet Dr. Anglin & Dr. Nelson they are impressed with both their medical backgrounds and their compassion.

There are two teeth whitening treatments for patients to choose from. They can decided to use a 90-minute office visit to whiten teeth up to eight shades or they can use teeth whitening trays at home. The at-home method takes about two weeks and whitens teeth up to six shades. Some patients prefer to get it over with as quickly as possible. Other patients prefer to minimize their time in the dental office. The success of chemical treatments depends upon the type of discoloration. The dentist will evaluate the likelihood of success. Teeth that have yellow stains have the highest likelihood of responding to bleaching chemicals. These stains are usually caused by food, coffee and tea and smoking. Gray stains are often caused by illness and medications and are less likely to respond.

The dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth before he places the bleaching chemicals on the teeth. This ensures that all surfaces of the tooth are equally available. The fewer bits of plaque and tartar the easier it will be for the chemicals to reach the stain. Once the bleaching chemicals are applied to the teeth, the dentist may use a safe laser to activate the chemicals. This allows them to break up the stains even faster. This process will be repeated two to three times.

If the patient decides to use at-home Teeth Whitening in Hoover trays, the dentist takes an impression of their upper and lower teeth. He then makes a custom tray that will fit the teeth perfectly. This makes the trays more effective and more comfortable. The patient will have to wear the trays for 30 minutes each day for 10 to 14 days.



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