Depend On a Professional Tree Company for Tree Removal In Auburndale

Deciding when it’s time to remove a tree from your landscape can be a difficult decision. If the tree has a lot of pleasant family memories associated with it, or is a particularly beautiful specimen, it’s like saying goodbye to an cherished friend. However, trees that are diseased or dying pose more hazards than they’re worth. All it takes is a strong wind from a severe thunderstorm or a tropical storm to blow the tree down, causing thousands of dollars or more in damage and possibly injuring someone as well. If you don’t know whether you need Tree Removal in Auburndale, call on a certified arborist from The Tree Lady Company.

An arborist has the education and experience to determine whether your tree is only slightly damaged and can be saved with judicious pruning, or if it is so riddled with disease that it must be cut down. An arborist takes care of trees and is certified when he has passed a test given by the International Society of Arboriculture and has met rigid education and field experience requirements. An arborist will evaluate several aspects of the tree about which you’re concerned, including its roots, trunk, canopy and overall structure. He can identify areas that are diseased and dying as well as the reasons for decay and death. He can then recommend the best course of action to take, whether it means the tree can be saved or Tree Removal in Auburndale is advisable.

In many cases, Tree Removal in Auburndale can be a tricky proposition. Nearby buildings, utility lines and other trees are just some of the hazards that must be avoided when a dead or dying tree is removed. An arborist and his team can handle tree removal in almost situation. Once he’s determined which way the tree is leaning, he can decide exactly how to remove it. When felling the tree by cutting it down isn’t feasible, a tree company often will take it down in sections, even if it’s well over 50 feet tall.

The Tree Lady Company has been in business for well over 20 years. Once the tree professionals have felled a tree on your property, they’ll remove the wood and even grind the tree stumps so that your landscape won’t be negatively impacted. When you need a recommendation about Tree Removal in Auburndale, it’s a good idea to call The Tree Lady Company.





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