Dentists in Chicago With General, Emergency, and Cosmetic Services

Proper oral care is extremely important. People need to visit dentists regularly from the time they are toddlers and their first teeth come in. Dentists provide general procedures like check-ups and cleanings as well as help with good habits like proper brushing and flossing. They also have cosmetic procedures. These types of procedures may help people who have been injured or in accidents. Others can simply desire a better overall smile. Emergency services for toothaches and other problems are also readily available along with needs for dentures or braces. There are a number of dentists in Chicago, IL. Family Dentistry has three prominent locations with general, emergency, and Cosmetic Dentists In Chicago, IL.

General and Emergency Services

Family Dentistry offers cleanings for all age groups. They will also fill cavities and replaced old fillings with tooth colored fillings. Crown and bridge work is also common. These types of appointments can easily be scheduled with helpful office receptionists who keep in contact with upcoming appointments. Emergency procedures can be scheduled for same day services if people need immediate assistance. They may have been injured or in accidents that resulted in chipped teeth that can be both painful and embarrassing. Root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal, and other teeth extractions are also available.

Cosmetic Dentists in Chicago, IL

Beyond general and emergency services, dentists also provide cosmetic procedures. This includes zoom teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers. People can get a complete smile makeover whether they had serious injuries or basic desires.

Dentures and Braces

Dental implants include single or multiple tooth replacements as well as full denture services. Denture repair and stabilization is also available. Orthodontic services are also available for the whole family. Patients can receive metal braces or invisible braces known as Invisalign. These are more common among older patients as well as people who are self-conscious cosmetically of metal ones.

Dentists accept a number of insurances including Medicaid. Even though certain policies do not cover cosmetic procedures, they still accept financing and payments on procedures because some procedures are necessary rather than desirable. However, even though procedures are expansive, Family Dentistry offers free consultations so people can get an initial exam at no cost.


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