Dental Health for Children: Laurel Dentist

Caring for your child’s teeth is an important part of their overall health and well-being. Teaching them the value of their teeth early on provides them with good habits that will last them for a lifetime. The care of the primary teeth is far more important than just the development of a beautiful smile. Primary teeth prepare the gums and the jaw for the adult set of teeth. Learn how to care for your child’s teeth with Laurel Dentist.

The Primary Teeth

The eruption of primary teeth may begin as early as six months of age and cause some discomfort for your baby. Some of the tools that parents can use to ease the sore gums are cooled baby teething rings and teething gels. Consult your Dental Service for more advice about caring for your baby’s discomfort.

The primary teeth are important for chewing and assist your child in speaking, forming words and the development of the jaw for the permanent teeth. The primary teeth need to be cleaned and brushed as often as adults. Soft bristled toothbrushes are specifically made for babies and water is adequate for brushing. Due to the inability for a child less than two years of age to effectively spit out the toothpaste, do not use fluoride toothpaste unless you are instructed by a dentist.

The Permanent Teeth

As your child approaches the age of six or seven, the permanent teeth may begin to erupt. This process will occur throughout their teens and continue to early adulthood. Teaching your child to floss and brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is an important lesson to instill lifelong good habits for their dental health. Limit sugary drinks and snacks and encourage them to brush their teeth before bedtime.

Regular checkups and teeth cleanings are essential for their dental health. New molars contain deep grooves and crevices that are very vulnerable to caries. Your dentist can apply dental sealants on your child’s back teeth to protect them from the development of further cavities. Dentists may also apply fluoride to keep their teeth strong.

Laurel Dentist and Children’s Dental Health

Caring for the primary and secondary teeth of your baby or child includes the professional care of a dentist. Parents that teach children good dental and eating habits give them a strong foundation for a lifetime of superior dental health and a beautiful smile.

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