Defining Your Personal Injury With An Iowa Attorney

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

An Iowa Attorney presents you with effective legal counsel after you sustain an injury that was not your fault. Your attorney establishes the events that produced your injuries to create a series of events for your case. This is effective in presenting this information to the judge and enabling him or her to make a well-informed decision. If you require a personal injury lawyer, contact the law offices of Neifert, Byrne, and Ozga.

Defining a Personal Injury

By defining your personal injury, your attorney is classifying this injury based on the circumstances that produced it. For instance, if you sustained your injuries through an automobile accident, this injury would be defined as an automobile injury and your attorney would proceed in the claim’s process based on this definition. This classification would require that you submit the findings of the automobile accident report with your claim. This report would address fault and determine who is to blame ultimately for your injuries. In order to have a credible automobile injury claim, the report would have to state that the other driver was at fault.

Local Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Neifert, Byrne, and Ozga provide you with legal representation for injury cases that were not the fault of the victim. These attorneys work diligently with the victims to establish how their injuries occurred and who is to blame for them. They acquire credible evidence for your injury claim. Credible evidence consists of detailed medical evidence provided by the doctor who treated you for these injuries. If you have sustained a personal injury due to the actions of another contact the Law Offices of Neifert, Byrne, and Ozga or visit their website at


Your Iowa Attorney provides you with effective legal services to prove fault in your personal injury claim. This attorney presents the facts associated with your injury and the circumstances that produced these injuries in court. This presentation assists the judge in making a well-informed decision after hearing the arguments of both parties. To establish your rights as an accident victim, contact the Law Offices of Neifert, Byrne, and Ozga today.


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