Dealing With Hail Damage in Colorado Springs

The Federal Alliance of Safe Homes estimates that homes in America sustain $2 billion worth of hail damage every year. Roofs, downspouts and gutters are frequent targets of hail damage in Colorado. Never assume that just because your home has undergone a hailstorm that the roof will be damaged. Get it inspected first before hiring any roofing contractor to fix any Hail Damage in Colorado Springs.

Do Not Ignore Leaks

If your roof leaks after a hailstorm, it could be because your roof suffered hailstorm damage. The leaking will only get worse over time and cause significant water damage inside your home. Get these leaks checked out as soon as possible. Even if these leaks were not caused by hail damage, they still need attention before they cause wood rotting, stained walls or mold growth.

Ignore Door-to-door Roofers

It’s common for roofers to knock on the doors of Colorado neighborhoods after hail storms. Never hire a roofer who comes to you first. They could be scammers. They may ask for money up front or give you a guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for all roof repair costs. Only hire a roofing contractor that you have contacted first for the Hail Damage in Colorado Springs.

Checking for Non-roof Damage

If you have a ladder, you can check in other areas other than the roof for signs of hail damage. If you find hail damage on the shutters, gutters, downspouts and fascia. Damage will look like dents or circular holes. Cracks leading from dents can also indicate hail damage. Never walk onto a roof unless you have experience doing so. If your roof is very steep, please leave inspection to the professionals.

Get Multiple Estimates

Don’t just hire the first roofing contractor that you find to repair hail damage to roofs and shingles. Take your time to contact at least three contractors to come inspect your roof and give you a written estimate. The estimate should be itemized so you can see exactly what you will be paying for. Never accept estimates given over the phone without anyone looking at your actual roof. If an estimate looks too low to be ture, it usually is.

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