Dealing with a Water Leak in Renton

A major leak is typically easy to notice because there will be the sound of water running, flooding in an area of the home, or reduced water pressure. It is the minor Water Leak in Renton that causes several problems for homeowners.


Minor leaks cause more damage because they often go undetected for long periods of time. Some people do not realize there is a leak somewhere until they get a higher water bill than normal. It is also not uncommon for letters from the water district to arrive indicating water usage is excessive.

Licensed and experienced plumbers can detect leaks accurately and quickly making the diagnostic process fast and cost-effective. Advanced equipment is used to pinpoint where to find the leak. Once the leak is detected the next diagnostic step is to determine whether a repair can fix the problem, or a replacement is required.

Complete Inspection

A whole home inspection is offered while the plumber is on the premises. This can help homeowners get an idea of the potential for another Water Leak in Renton and where that may originate.

Another alternative to preventing leaks is to participate in a preventative maintenance plan. Routine inspections and water pressure testing can eliminate minor leaks before extensive damage occurs. Major leaks or water damage can also be reduced with professional maintenance.

Repairs or Replacement Requirements

Utility companies must be notified before repairs can be safely completed because someone will come out to the property and mark the location of underground wires or pipes. When a replacement project is needed, permits are required from either the town government or of water district. Exploring what must be done can be tedious and troublesome so find a plumbing company that takes care of requirements.

Cold Weather

Winter weather will often freeze exterior piping. Those who do not cover or insulate outdoor pipes will most likely require repairs or the replacement of a damaged section of pipes. Frozen pipes will be insulated prior to winter for people with a maintenance plan.

Do not deal with frozen pipes that can suddenly burst. Snow and ice slow down any repairs or replacements needed adding to the labor costs. If no maintenance plan is purchased, contact a plumbing company and have pipes weather proofed no later than October to be safe.

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