Cutting A Good Car Deal In San Antonio Texas

Although many of us are not all that knowledgeable about the inner workings of an automobile; most of us like to believe that we are well qualified to purchase one. We know what to look for and actually believe that we can spot anyone trying to “pull a fast one” on us. This thinking may be nice for our egos but how realistic is it in practice?

Let’s Say That You Are Interested In getting A Particular Chevy Model

You have convinced yourself that you must have this particular model and it must be in a certain configuration for engine type and optional extras; but, within reason, you are not too worried about the color. You did some research on the web and discovered that the full manufacturer’s recommended price was a little beyond the budget you had hoped for; but, armed with your supposed knowledge of cars and the motor trade, you know that, the moment someone gets the ownership papers for any new vehicle, its value depreciates dramatically – in which case, you should be able to pick up the Chevy that you desire within your budget; just so long as you opt for a pre-owned one.

The Search Begins

You pour over the “Used Car” ads in the local papers; there are lots of Chevy’; but, very few people appear to be wanting to sell the model you want to buy and none of those were to the spec you had in mind. You then go for weekend jaunts around the vicinity; stopping at every used car lot you can find, until, eventually, you find one with just the Chevy you want. But, the price is hardly any lower than the recommended price for a new one; you haggle a bit; but you are not achieving much by way of discount; the salesman keeps telling you how sought after this particular configuration is. In the end, you walk away from the deal.

But, Don’t Give Up

After much thinking and near rows with your wife you finally decide to give up trying to save money by cutting corners and you look up the details for the nearest Chevrolet Dealer For San Antonio area and decide to drop by the next day. Which is when you receive some “good news : bad news”; they confirm that the configuration you seek is sought after; but, they can get it for you; unfortunately, you will have to wait two months for it! Then, the good news; this particular Chevrolet Dealer In San Antonio also sells “Chevrolet maintained” used vehicles and one to your spec had come in only yesterday. The previous owner had been posted abroad and had let the vehicle go at a bargain price; furthermore, you could drive it away for virtually the amount in your original budget. Moral; it can pay to use the authorized Chevy set up after all.

Wommack Chevrolet in Castroville is a fully authorized Chevrolet Dealer For San Antonio and its environs. They have the full range of new models; provide full service facilities and offer prime condition pre-owned vehicles. Phone them on (830) 931-9200 for all your Chevy needs.

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