Cut Through the Confusion With J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX

A functional HVAC system is a crucial part of the home because it ensures comfort year-round. While homeowners should rely on the pros for complex repairs, it’s important to understand how the process works. Inaccurate information can be costly, and it can even damage the system. Below are the truths behind some of the most common HVAC myths.

Fans Can Cool the Home

Homeowners should understand the myth and the truth of this statement because it can help them save on cooling bills. A fan doesn’t actually lower the indoor temperature; there won’t be a different reading on the thermostat when the fan is off or on. However, fans can make the room feel cooler as they circulate air throughout the room.

Turning the Thermostat Way Down Cools the Home Faster

A home’s HVAC system cools and heats the home at a constant speed, no matter the thermostat setting. The target temperature won’t be reached any faster by turning the thermostat extremely low. Set it appropriately, or risk additional strain on the system when it’s not readjusted correctly.

Closing Vents in Empty Rooms Increases the System’s Efficiency

On the surface, this one makes sense: if vents in unused rooms are closed, air won’t flow in, and occupied areas will cool faster. However, it’s wholly inaccurate. Closing air vents will only cause the air pressure to become imbalanced inside the home. This puts more strain on the system and it reduces the unit’s overall efficiency. If a homeowner wants to cool only part of the home, they should ask J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX about a zoned system that can do the job right.

Bigger is Better When it Comes to AC Units

Bigger is not always better, especially where HVAC is concerned. Up to a point, larger systems can offer more efficiency, but if that point is passed, efficiency will decline. A too-large unit will cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy and money. Homeowners should have a professional assess their cooling needs and help select a system with the appropriate load.

If homeowners have questions on the proper way to use an HVAC system, they can count on the experts at J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX. The team can help customers address problems, schedule maintenance visits and plan upgrades. Call or Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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