Custom Awnings Are The Best Choice For Your Suffolk Home

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Home and Garden

You have probably seen many different advertisements on television or in magazines offering ready-made awnings for Suffolk homes and residences. These awnings are typically touted as easy to install, durable and very stylish, and they are offered in standard sizes. The problem with these products is that many homes, especially newer homes, do not have standard sized patio areas and decks. In fact, patios and decks are much larger today than they were even a few years ago as outdoor living space becomes a value added component of a home.

In addition with ready-made awnings you are limited to the fabric choices for the awning. Often these choices are relatively limited and, while they do match with most homes, they may not be the colors and patterns that you want on your awning. Suffolk homeowners don’t have to limit their choices; instead you can choose to go with fully customized options that will really add to your outdoor living space.

Get The Right Size

When you visit the manufacturer of awnings in Suffolk you should bring the measurements of your window area or the space that you want to shade. The measurement that you select will vary depending on your needs. If you have any questions about measuring the space a representative of the company can come to your home, provide information and ideas, and measure the size of the awning that you will require.

Choose Your Style and Fabric

After the measurements are completed you get a chance to show your style. Awnings in Suffolk can be colorful or subtle, light and airy or darker and cooler. It is really up to your personal taste and the décor of your patio space.

With the fabric selected you then have the option to select from a manual operation option or a motorized control. Both options provide a secure, safe and durable way to roll and unroll your awning as you require.

Once all the selections have been made you can sit back and relax. The manufacturer of your awnings in Suffolk will make just the awnings you have on order. They will then deliver them to your door and complete the installation and all you need to do is get ready to sit outside and enjoy.

We provide fully custom made awnings in Suffolk for all your outdoor living spaces. For more information visit our website.



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