Critical Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Chula Vista Military Housing

On-base housing is a precious commodity at many military bases. When you want to live on base, it can take you months or years to be approved for a place. The waiting list can be lengthier than the time that you will actually be stationed at the base.

When you have been told that your chances of getting on-base housing is minuscule, you could instead find it better to look for military housing in Chula Vista. You can use these tips to find a place to rent that will be an asset to you and your family during the time that you are stationed there.

Flexibility of Leasing

Because you may not actually know how long that you will be stationed there, you need to find military housing in Chula Vista that offers you flexible leasing. Most rental communities lock renters in to a six month or one year lease. You cannot break the lease if you want to avoid paying expensive penalties for violating your contract.

However, military members typically get more flexible leasing when they move into rental housing. Rental companies cannot lock military renters into strict leases. They must release these families from their contractual obligations if the military member is deployed overseas or sent to a new military base.

Proximity to the Base

You also want to find rental housing that is close to the base. Given how busy the area is, you prefer to avoid driving in heavy traffic. A rental place close to where you are stationed can be easier for you to get to and more accommodating to you and your family.

You can find out more about military housing in Chula Vista online. Contact to check out the availability of housing or go to to preview layouts and prices for apartments.

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