Creative Endeavors—Swatch Card

There are many reasons why having a swatch card is useful. When you have a creative project to complete or need to design something, knowing which colors work well together can really impact the quality of your end results. Obtaining a swatch card is simple, and it can often inspire you along the way.

Ways to Use a Card

When you put your color palette together, swatch card makers can create these custom swatches for you to keep. No matter when you plan on completing the project, it is great to keep this card around as a reference or even as a reminder to use in the future. The colors on this card are designed to work together, so you do not have to come up with them all individually.

How to Get a Card

If you are interested in getting a swatch card, there are companies that specialize in the task. Not only will they create great color palettes for you to reference, but those who work there are knowledgeable in color theory. You can check with your local art supply store or fabric store for references on where to get these swatches.

No matter what kind of creative project you take on, having your colors all swatched out is going to be very helpful. It is compact and easy to use a card like this. Plus, you will be able to hold up the card directly to the materials you plan on working with to truly envision the results.

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