Cool Facts To Know Before Getting Cooling System Repair in Hereford TX

Air conditioning is a blessing when the hot summer months hit in full-force. The ability to cool oneself and one’s family is a great convenience to have. The opposite is also true when the unit breaks down and needs repair. Time can seem to drag on while the air conditioning is being fixed. While waiting for Cooling System Repair in Hereford TX to take place, why not read some of these fun trivia nuggets?

 *     The word “ventilator” finds its origins way back in the mid-1700s. At the English House of Commons, a hand-cranked seven-foot wheel cooled the room for those who were engaged in important meetings. The person who did the cranking was known as the “ventilator.”

 *     The year 1851 saw the invention of an ice-making machine. However, the powerful ice home-delivery industry kept the invention virtually unknown to the American public to maintain their lucrative profits. The machine would not hit the market until decades later.

 *     In 1892, an American millionaire whose name is lost to the ages became the first person to attempt to cool an entire room with an air conditioner. The device was huge and was kept behind a false wall and also had other parts placed upon the roof of the mansion.

 *     The inventor of the modern air-conditioner was so wrapped up in his work that he once traveled on a business trip and forgot to pack any clothes. He brought only a handkerchief on his trip. With that kind of absent-mindedness, it’s a good thing he did not engage in Cooling System Repair in Hereford TX.

 *     The first President to be able to enjoy air-conditioning in the White House was none other than Herbert Hoover. The system cost $30,000 to install and was finished just ahead of the Great Depression.

 *     The average cost of an air-conditioner during the 1940s was approximately $350. In today’s money, that would be equal to about $3,500. Good thing prices have come down drastically since then!

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