Consider Slab Foundation Repair Before Buying or Selling a Home

When someone buys a home, there are many fun things to think of. However, before the fun can start, there are important things to consider, such as the home’s foundation, if it does the job of holding up the entire structure, and a foundational issue can cause problems elsewhere in the home. In this guide, readers can learn several signs that a home needs slab foundation repair, as well as tips on dealing with these issues.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Several signs point to problems with a home’s foundation. They include:

* Misaligned windows and doors

* Doors that don’t click shut

* Cracked or hard-to-open windows

* Drywall cracks

* Gaps in the ceiling and wall

* Cracks in exterior concrete

* Water in the crawl space

If one or more of these issues are present, consider hiring an inspector for an evaluation. If problems are found, it may be time to call a foundation repair specialist.

Buying a Home with a Foundation Problem

Foundation problems shouldn’t always be a deal-breaker for home buyers, especially those living in competitive markets. However, it’s important to re-negotiate the purchase price to reflect the cost of slab foundation repair in Houston TX. Although they can be worrisome, foundation issues can usually be corrected.

Selling a Home with a Cracked Foundation

If a homeowner knows there’s a foundation crack, they may wonder if it should be repaired before the home goes on the market. While that’s not always necessary, sellers should be upfront with buyers by fully disclosing the issue. In most cases, it’s better to not resolve the problem, but to tell the buyer so they can bring someone in to do the work.

Turning Foundation Problems into an Advantage

It’s possible to market foundation issues as a benefit. After reducing the asking price, a seller can tell a buyer that it’s easier to add amenities during the foundation repair process. Most people buy homes with an eye toward improving them, and these homes may attract buyers with can-do attitudes. While foundation issues can be troublesome to think about, they aren’t always as serious as they seem.

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