Common Signs That Indicate You May Need Brake Repair in Goodyear, AZ

Many people don’t think about their brakes, but they are important components of your vehicle. It helps to know when you may need brake repairs in Goodyear, AZ.

The Vehicle Makes Noises

The friction of the brake pads stops the vehicle, but worn brake pads may cause squealing, screeching, and grinding noises. The metal backing on the worn pad pressing against the rotor causes the noise.

Driving on worn brake pads increases the risk of not being able to stop when you press the brakes. However, not all brake pads are made with wear indicators, so you may not get these warnings.

Brakes Get Easier or Harder to Press or Vibrate

When brakes need repair, you may notice they almost feel spongy when you press them or are hard to press. The softness commonly occurs from a leaky master cylinder or moisture or air in the brake lines.

Sometimes, brake pads sometimes cause a vibration when pressed from the adhesive wearing. It can also occur from a worn brake rotor or a brake caliper, and it is more common with drum brakes.

Vehicle Jerks to One Side

A vehicle that jerks side to side may indicate several issues, but the brakes should get inspected first. If one brake pad wears out before another, it commonly causes jerking from the uneven force.

Problem with a sticking brake caliper or torn brake hose could also cause the pulling. Some other causes of pulling to the side are uneven tire pressure or problems with suspension components.

Never ignore problems with your brakes to avoid dangerous driving situations and get brake repairs in Goodyear, AZ. Call or visit to schedule an appointment.

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