Common roof repair methods

Whether a pending roof repair is obvious or it comes on unforeseen, it will represent a significant expense. A roof begins to deteriorate on the day it is installed; the curve is pretty flat for the first 10 years and then roof repairs in Nottingham start to become more frequent. At 20 or 25 years old, there is a good chance the roof will need to be replaced.

The most common roof repairs in Nottingham are:

* Leaks and moisture ingress:

Any roof, no matter what design can develop leaks. A built-up roof for example may begin to leak at the flashing that was not fastened securely during installation. In the case of a BUR, the potential of a leak is more where the membrane terminates than elsewhere. Hot bitumen roofs or torch applied roofs may leak when the moisture barrier has not been properly installed under the coping cap of the parapet wall.

* Blow-offs, billowing and tenting:

Leaks are not the only thing that can go wrong with a BUR when the flashing is not installed correctly. If flashing is not attached properly there is the possibility of open seams which will allow the wind to get under the flashing and begin to lift the roof. When roof repairs in Nottingham are made they note that seams, sealed with a cold adhesive do not have very good integrity until the adhesive is well cured. If it begins to rain prior to complete curing, moisture and wind damage can easily occur.

* Poor installation:

Poor workmanship or a faulty installation greatly enhances the chances of roof problems. A BUR installation can prove to be a problem if the correct procedures are not followed. If the area to be sealed is not clean, dried and properly primed, there will be problems. Poorly installed roofs are hard to detect as visually, they look no different. It is under the surface where errors can lead to trouble.

* Poor maintenance:

To avoid roof repairs in Nottingham, maintenance should not be neglected. When the building owner becomes aware of the problems, and the costs, he quite often will realize the benefits of roof maintenance. It is not necessary to know anything about the technical details of roofing; that is left up to those who do roof repairs in Nottingham. If you see accumulating water, a piece of flashing that has slipped or pockets where pitch is missing, then you can have these issues tended to promptly. When small problems are not allowed to fester into large problems, roof life will be extended and the cost of repair will be minimized.

While inspecting the roof, look for punctures, repairs that have been made improperly, shrinking of the membrane from the flashing as well as blistering.

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