Common problems with the air we breathe

The purity of the air that we breathe is of vital importance to our overall health. If there are many impurities in the air then we can develop health issues resulting from prolonged inhalation. Air conditioning units not only regulate the temperature of an area they also provide assistance with regard to air purity levels. There are various companies offering advice and assistance in Cincinnati regarding air quality control. It is vital that we ensure the air inside our homes is of a high quality as we spend many hours indoors especially during the night. There are a number of common pollutants that we need to be aware of, by understanding how to identify these pollutants at an early stage we have a reduced chance of suffering more serious health problems relating to the air we breathe inside our homes.

Some of the most common indoor air pollutants

Some of the more common pollutants that we need to understand when considering air quality are hard to identify. These pollutants will be present in most homes and at low levels are relatively unharmful to humans, however prolonged exposure at higher levels could lead to health problems later in life so it is best if we can keep these pollutants at a significantly low level. Air conditioning units help to remove some of these pollutants or at least reduce their levels to a manageable percentage.

Radon is one of the most common pollutants and is found in most buildings. It comes from the Radium that is present in many building materials and base rock under our homes. When Radium decays after a number of years it produces Radon in gas form, which has radioactive properties. It is a harmful gas and many experts believe that it is the cause of a significant number of lung cancer cases worldwide.

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Second hand smoke can be a major problem. If a member of your family is a regular smoker then you will already know for yourself some of the problems and irritations that second hand smoke can cause. Aside from the health problems that second hand smoke can cause there is the problem with the odor that is left behind inside a room after someone has been smoking a cigarette or cigar. It can become particularly embarrassing during visits from friends or family if there is a noticeable smell due to second hand smoke in your home.

Other common pollutants can be molds due to damp or wet materials inside your home, carbon-dioxide and legionella. It is advised to seek professional advice and assistance when dealing with any of these issues due to the possible damage to health. There are numerous companies offering advice and assistance in Cincinnati regarding air quality control. Take advantage of their expertize and protect your family and your home.

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