Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face All-Too Often

Kitchen sink plumbing problems might seem to happen overnight, but the issues may have been building for a long time. Whether this is the case or not, when sink problems arise it’s important to fix them right away. The fastest and surest way to do this is to call a plumber who has the tools and expertise to handle faulty kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook, IL.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Far too many people ignore leaky faucets and fail to get timely repairs. Allowing a leaky faucet to continue for long periods wastes water and, if the leak around the base, it can damage the countertop. Hiring a plumber assures that the faucet is repaired or replaced quickly to prevent additional damage and cost.

Clogged Sink

The #1 plumbing complaint has to be clogged kitchen sinks. It’s no wonder this happens as frequently as it does. After all, between food prep and cleanup, a lot of greases, cooking oil, and fatty substances get rinsed down the sink.

After a while, all this gunk builds up along the sides of the drain pipes and the opening for water to flow through narrows. A kitchen sink plunger might get rid of small, shallow clogs, but when the blockage becomes severely compacted, a plumber needs to use their drain snaking tools to clear the obstruction.

Loose Garbage Disposal

Loose garbage disposals can also cause problems with sinks. Years of usage can cause these small kitchen appliances to come loose and water can leak below the sink. Homeowners who need repairs for kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook, IL should contact the industry experts BMW Plumbing, Inc., today.

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