Choosing the Right Blasting Media from Blasting Media Suppliers Near Me

When choosing the right blasting media, suppliers offer their opinions on what constitutes the best choice. Very rarely do they differ on the most important aspects. They all agree the right decision all depends upon certain factors. These are discussed below.

How To Choose the Right Abrasive Media

There are many different choices when it comes to selecting abrasive media. When talking about such a project, two factors are inseparable. These are:

  1. The characteristics and quality of the surface being blasted
  2. The nature of the blasting media

The surface of the material to be blasted is by far the most important factor to consider. Before choosing a blasting media, know the nature of the material. Airplanes, for example, are constructed of aluminum and aluminum alloys and fiberglass. It is necessary to know what specific types of aluminum are utilized. This will determine the suitability of one type of blast media over another.

In the case of aluminum, steel-based blast media should never be employed. It would lead to future damage as the embedded steel particles result in corrosion. Acceptable types of blast media include:

  • Glass beads
  • Type II plastic blast media (Urea-formaldehyde): For durable aluminum
  • Type V plastic blast media (Acrylic): – Generally employed on aircraft skins
  • Type VI plastic blast media (Poly allyl diglycol carbonate): Commonly used on aluminum and aluminum composites

The Underlying Surface

To achieve good recoating requires a good subsurface. Choosing the right blast media from blasting media suppliers near me ensures the best possible result. The coating application will endure.

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