Chicagoland Tax Authorities Help Individuals Settle Some Very Large Debts

According to a recent report from an Arlington Heights offer-in-compromise attorney, many taxpayers who are dealing with potentially crushing debts might actually be able to pay much less as part of a settlement agreement. While the Internal Revenue Service would prefer to get the full amount from every person who owes them, their representatives are pragmatic enough to realize that not everybody could pay this money. As a result, you can potentially settle your IRS tax debt with a Chicago offer-in-compromise attorney if you have some legitimate reason for being unable to pay the full amount.

Naturally, the IRS is by no means loose with its definitions of what constitutes a legitimate reason. However, they may be a little more understanding if you elect to work with an Arlington Heights offer-in-compromise attorney who is capable of presenting your case clearly. One of the major reasons that taxpayers don’t get their requests to the IRS accepted is that they don’t know the right way of making these claims.

They might not be able to explain the full circumstances that surround their situation, so the IRS may not understand it. A similar situation might exist with local tax authorities. Unlike some states, Illinois does levy its own income tax independent from the rest of the country so it’s essential to deal with this as well.

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