Checklist for Test Driving a Vehicle at Chevrolet Dealer in San Antonio

Buying a new car can be a stressful and complicated process. There are many items that need researched and details that need to be paid attention to. One of the most important items when looking at automobiles at Chevrolet Dealer San Antonio is the test drive process. When test driving a vehicle at Chevrolet Car Dealer In San Antonio it is important to take your time and spend at least 20 minutes with the vehicle you are considering. Make to include both freeway and rough surface streets to observe how the vehicle does in different conditions. Here is a checklist of actions you should take when testings a vehicle.

Adjustability: Get in the vehicle and see how it fits your body before taking it for a drive. Adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel for your specifications. Observe the distance between your body and the seats, pedals, stirring wheel, and shifter.

Engine Response: See how the engine works and ensure that it is equipped with the power you want in your vehicle. Check items such as accelerations, passing response, if the engine produces uniform power. Compare the engine specifications of this vehicle to other vehicles you have driven.

Noise: Check the noise factor for the vehicle by accelerating the engine, seeing what the engine and wind noise are like at highway speeds. Ensure that the vehicle does not have too much interior noise to give you a comfortable driving experience.

Breaking: Get an idea of how the vehicle breaks by trying at least three hard stops. Test out the anti-lock brakes by breaking hard and trying to move the steering wheel from side to side at the same time. You will feel some pulsing when you hit the brake pedal hard if the system is working properly.

Quality of Ride: This is probably the most important aspect of the test drive for you. It is subjective, so just go with your overall impression. Ensure that the ride isn’t too firm for your liking and that it is something that you what to drive on a daily basis.

Following this checklist will help to ensure that you make the right decision next time you are looking for a new car at Chevrolet Dealer San Antonio.

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