Cement Flooring in Cincinnati Can be Installed by a Skilled Concrete Installation Company

Home and commercial designers are now looking to concrete as a flooring material for developing a unique and beautiful look for a space. Concrete is certainly durable, and it can be installed rather easily. The concrete installed in homes, offices and stores can be a decorative concrete because a designer can add unique design features to the concrete, which makes it look like a material other than concrete. Many surfaces will have a brick design, or a spherical design which appears to have been carved in the concrete or even into wood. Concrete is an inexpensive way to get a floor design that appears to be a real work of art, and in a way, it is.

Natalie Myers, who is a prestigious Houzz Contributor, points out that there are many ways a concrete floor is relevant in today’s architecture. Flooring in Cincinnati is a familiar topic relevant to her points:

Sustainability. Concrete floors are a sustainable option if you use an existing concrete slab. Sanding the concrete down and polishing or sealing it makes it look absolutely refined in any room. Layer it with Oriental rugs and lovely furnishings and some fixtures that look great, and you will have a room to admire. Flooring in Cincinnati using concrete floor can produce many looks. Click here for more

Easy care. Caring for concrete floors is easy by mopping with soapy water. The family dog will not feel so bad if he has an accident in the house. Just wipe it up with paper towels and a little disinfectant, and you are happy with your pet again. There should be a sealer of some type at the edge of the concrete, and that could be a baseboard to keep the soapy water from running down the edges. This could become a problem.

Economical. Concrete floors are inexpensive to install. You can have one installed for about $2 to $6 per square foot including polishing a plain gray slab, which will give it a lustrous sheen. Concrete’s tonal differences, not-so-noticeable cracks and the presence of aggregates take on a natural feel with a stone-like appearance. A few dollars more will get you a very plain finish. More elaborate and stunning finishes are available. You can create a hardwood look by stamping the wood grain plank look into the wet concrete.

Cement Flooring in Cincinnati can be provided by Driveway Contractors who also work with fine concrete products.



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