Can Veneers in Hawaii Improve Your Smile?

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Dentist

There are different types of cosmetic procedures available concerning implants: crowns, bridges, removable or fixed dentures, braces and the veneer. Veneers in Hawaii consist of a shell, made of a kind of ceramic, more rarely composite, that covers only the visible part of the tooth. Dentists widely call it a major part of the field of cosmetic dentistry. It can change the color, shape or alignment of the incisors and canines, making a smile whole again.

In what cases are veneers used?
Dental veneers have different indications:

* For hue

* : Sometimes the teeth have naturally dark color or they are modified by treatment, tobacco, tea, coffee, etc. When prevention or oral hygiene is not enough, veneers are the best solution.
* Rhetorically visible teeth are sometimes naturally too small, too short or have experienced trauma (cracks, breaks, etc.). Facets can give teeth a homogeneous form. However, when a single tooth has been traumatized, it may make more sense to have it replaced by a crown.
* Alignment
* : Veneers cannot replace orthodontic treatments. They may still help some corrections, like diastema, though

Advantages of dental veneers
Dental facets have undeniable advantages, some of which include:

* Aesthetics -: Dental porcelain veneers offer unrivaled transparency and whiteness, in terms of aesthetics.
* Unlike dental crowns, which require a root canal, veneers allow you to keep the tooth alive.
* Dental facets resist food stains and decay.

Dental veneer facts
The achievements of dental veneers depend on their type:

* Ceramic veneers – The steps of producing them are the same as for dental crowns. The dentist will size up the tooth to be covered, make a mold and performs the final installation by means of a ceramic veneer.

* The composite veneer – The procedure is carried out in the practice and in one sitting. Note that the veneer life cannot exceed more than five years, and it does not offer the same aesthetics as a ceramic veneer.

There are plenty of reasons to go with veneers in Hawaii. However, the main reason should be left up to you and your dentist. Many people choose to have them installed for aesthetic reasons, but keep in mind that they are great for hygiene purposes, as well. For more information, contact your local dentist.

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