Can a Lawyer Like One From the Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere WI Have the Charges Dismissed?

Those who are arrested might immediately begin to worry about how a conviction is going to impact them and whether there’s any way to avoid a conviction. The police may have caught them with drugs, driving under the influence, or in the act of committing any other crime. Despite what seems like compelling evidence, there is a chance that a lawyer like one from the Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere WI will be able to help them avoid having a conviction on their record.

There are some instances when a person can avoid a conviction by participating in a diversion program. This typically occurs when the arrest is the result of a drug or alcohol program. The person can enter a rehab program and, if they complete it, can have the conviction erased from their record.

Another option is to look through the evidence to prove the arrest was unlawful. Police officers need to follow the right procedures before they arrest a person. If they do not follow these procedures, the arrest can be deemed unlawful and any evidence resulting from the arrest might be suppressed as well. This could mean the charges against the person are dismissed.

A third option is to show the evidence against the person was unlawfully obtained. This is similar to the above situation and any evidence that is obtained unlawfully might not be able to be used against the person. If the evidence cannot be used against them, there may not be enough evidence for a conviction. This means it’s likely the charges will be dismissed as it’s not as likely the prosecution will be able to obtain a guilty verdict if the case goes to court.

There is actually quite a bit a lawyer can do to help a person who has been arrested. In some cases, they may be able to have the charges dismissed altogether, which means the person will no longer face having a criminal record. To learn more about your case, contact the Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere WI or Click Here to read more about how they can help with your case. The right help is going to enable you to get a better outcome for your case.

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