Call Air Conditioning Contractors in Fort Collins for a Cool Home

Customers who have older homes and want to install an air conditioning system find out that adding ducts can be an expensive process that tears up a lot of their home. Many of them have decided to partner with their Air Conditioning Contractors Fort Collins companies to install an alternative system. These newer aerothermal heating and cooling systems are ductless. Copper pipes and tubes connect the outdoor unit with the indoor equipment. The refrigerant runs through these pipes to cool the air. The aesthetics of the house are maintained because it only takes a 4-inch hole in the side of the house or in the interior walls to connect the units. There is no need for a utility room, so the homeowners don’t lose any living space to accommodate the system.

Whether homeowners are installing an air conditioning system for the first time or replacing an original system that has worn out, they should carefully checkout the credentials of the Air Conditioning Contractors Fort Collins that will be installing the system. Any technicians working in a person’s home should be licensed, bonded and insured. This protects the homeowner if the worker is injured on their property or if he breaks any of the equipment. For the homeowner’s personal safety all of the technicians should have passed background checks for criminal activity. Some companies even demand passing random drug tests.

Energy costs are rising and homeowners need to do everything to minimize them. Heating and cooling systems should be broken up into several zones. That way rooms and areas that aren’t being used can be warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. The ductless systems are much more efficient than those with ducts. The area around the copper pipes loses about 5 percent of the system’s cooling ability. In a traditional system, the ducts loose about 40 percent.

It’s important for homeowners to get the longest warranty available and learn what is necessary to maintain the system. They should take advantage of any service plan that the Air Conditioning Contractors Fort Collins company has. This ensures that they will meet all the warranty conditions and have them properly documented. If they decide to sell their home this will impress potential buyers. It will also reassure those who aren’t familiar with this type of system.

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