Business Security Systems Services in Bowling Green KY Protect Employees and Inventory

Business owners have to worry about theft and violence in the workplace. Unfortunately, employees will steal from them as well as outsiders. Employees who were fired or laid off may hold a grudge. Workers who deal with domestic abuse at home, often find it follows them to work. The modern office has to have Business Security System Services in Bowling Green, KY that can deal with all of these issues. Many businesses no longer leave their front door unlocked. Visitors must use an intercom to tell the security guard why they want to enter the building. Employees are given badges with magnetic strips. When they want to enter the building, they must swipe their badge in an access pad.

Restricting access to inventory, money or confidential records requires that doors be locked. Keyless access pads are easier to manage than keys. They can be programmed to allow only certain employees into the areas. The same badge that gives them access to the building, will let them into these areas. Surveillance cameras can be used to monitor activities as well. Law and medical offices hold a great deal of confidential information. If information is missing, it’s critical to quickly find out what happened to it. Employees can be exonerated quickly, when the surveillance camera footage shows a thief breaking into the area. This may also give the police clues to help them solve the case.

Retail shops have to make customers feel welcome in their store, while they protect their inventory. Business Security System Services in Bowling Green KY also include gates with sensors that ring when a security tag moves through it. Often the presence of the gate deters shoplifters. Other time they decide to use the fire exits. These doors have panic bars that allow customers to open the doors under any circumstance. Fire departments understand how these increase theft. Local fire chiefs have allowed a small delay on the panic bar. Once the person pushes the bar an alarm sounds and the door doesn’t open for five seconds. This is often long enough to make a thief panic, drop the merchandise and run out the front door. There are a variety of ways a business can protect people and goods. They can contact a security company to find out which will work best for them.

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