Burning Mouth Syndrome: Dentist Green Lake WI

Burning mouth syndrome is a painful condition that many people describe as having scalded their mouth with a very hot beverage. Also known as scalded mouth syndrome, it may affect all of the structures inside of the mouth. The dryness that accompanies this syndrome may also affect the throat. Although drinking extra fluids can lessen this irritating condition, most people find this as a short-term solution. Find out more about burning mouth syndrome from the Dentist Green Lake WI.

What Causes this Syndrome?

Although many factors may contribute to this problem, the origin of the syndrome is not completely understood. Women appear to be affected more than men and usually it occurs during or after menopause. More important, the mouth must be examined by a dentist to find the underlying cause. Gingivitis and infections may be a factor and must be treated to alleviate the symptoms. People with diabetes, cancer treatment and acid reflux may also complain of the condition.

Emotional and Psychological Affects

Most people with burning mouth syndrome may awaken pain-free and notice the gradual increase of discomfort during the day. This condition may interfere with their sleep and cause irritability and emotional distress. For those who are highly affected, they may experience depression and anxiety from years of mouth discomfort and frustration.

What can the Dentist Do?

The Dentist Green Lake WI will perform an examination and ask you to describe your symptoms. An oral swab may check for a bacterial or fungal infection and may be the root cause. Poor-fitting dentures, bridges or broken teeth may be irritating the mucosa further and must be replaced or removed. He also can prescribe oral rinses and artificial saliva to calm and sooth the inflammation of the mouth’s delicate lining and gums. Often, the dentist can find the contributing cause and treat the condition with good results.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Dentist Green Lake WI

Although this syndrome is common, the underlying cause is not always clear or pinpointed. Your dentist can find and treat the cause, or help soothe the irritated tissues and provide dental products for you to use on a regular basis. Burning mouth syndrome is a painful condition that you do not have to suffer from. Ensure your dental health is cared for by a trusted and expert dentist.


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