Build a Strong Car Accident Case With a Car Accident Lawyer in Olympia

Car accident-related injuries are all too common. The aftermath may include a host of challenges drivers aren’t prepared to tackle. Financial losses and emotional distress are arguably the most common challenges. How does one recover from these losses? A car accident lawyer in Olympia with a seasoned, successful track record in personal injury and wrongful death claims can help affected parties obtain the best legal outcomes possible.

Types of Viable Accident Claims

Driver error is the leading cause of collisions, but a variety of mitigating factors often come into play. Determining and weighing these factors affects the specific type and validity of an accident claim.

As a general rule, regardless of who is potentially at fault, viable accident claims include distracted driving accidents, drunk driving and rollovers. The more obvious accident claims stem from side-impact, rear-end and head-on collisions.

Factors That Affect Accident Claim Awards

It’s the job of a car accident lawyer to ascertain the nature of driver error, which driver/pedestrian committed the error or how much blame belongs to both parties. Presenting these theories/facts to a jury gives the jury more info with which to weigh culpability. Ultimately, the jury confers award amounts based on the degree to which they decide a particular party is or isn’t at fault.

How to Influence the Best Outcome

Car accident outcomes range from simple (minor injuries) to fatal. Any parties involved who aren’t severely affected can influence the post-accident outcome positively by following a few basic steps.

Call 911. Exchange insurance info. Collect evidence with pictures and cell phone video. Tell the insurer about the accident as soon as possible. Get medical attention. Consult with a best car accident lawyer in Olympia to help build the strongest possible case that recoups the maximum results.

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