Build a Solid Defense for Your Criminal Case in Rockford, IL

After you’ve been arrested and arraigned, you need a criminal law attorney in Rockford, IL, to build a credible defense to avoid a conviction. Unfortunately, what you do and say to law enforcement officers alters the course of your case and may lead to problems. Read more to find out what mistakes you should avoid.

Your Miranda Rights

Regardless of what officers say to you in the interrogation room, you do not have to answer questions without an attorney. Likewise, you shouldn’t disclose any information even if they haven’t told you that you are under arrest.

The Reid method of interrogation has proven helpful for investigators throughout the decades. Still, these tactics have also led to wrongful convictions that took away many years of the defendant’s life. Listen to your civil rights as the officers read them and remain silent.

Enforce Your Right to an Attorney

While many officers may lie to you, everyone can request a lawyer or call their criminal law attorney in Rockford, IL, to come to the police station or jail. By contacting an attorney, you can get a legal representative who offers advice about your case.

An attorney can inform you when you should or should not answer questions. You have civil rights and can discuss your case privately with an attorney. Once your attorney knows about your charges and your side, they can build a defense and attempt to get you out on bail.

Criminal cases require an attorney unless you plan to plead guilty. It’s never a good idea to act as your attorney; a lawyer could help you escape a conviction. Contact Crosby Law Firm to build a viable defense for your criminal case, or visit their website.

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