Bring Your Gold Jewelry To A Gold Buyer in Yuba City, CA

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Jewelry

Do you have gold jewelry just hanging around in your jewelry box or in a box of memorabilia? I bet you have some class rings in there that are just gathering dust. Did you know that you could actually sell that jewelry and put some extra cash into your pocket? Gold can be sold at top dollar these days, you just need to know where the best gold buyers are. If you happen to be in Central California, you can find a Gold Buyer in Yuba City, CA that will pay you top dollar for your gold jewelry.

At, you will find a very friendly staff who wants nothing more than you make you happy. Just get in touch with one of their staff online and they will make sure you get the price you were looking for. You’ll find that you can clean out your closets, get your drawers straightened out and get some clutter out of your home, and at the same time put some money in your pocket for jewelry and gold pieces that are just sitting there taking up room. You’ll get an offer on your gold that will make you happy, and then you will have some extra cash to boot. You will probably tell all of your friends about the deal you got, and they’ll start doing some spring cleaning (even if it isn’t spring yet) just so they can get some cash in their pockets as well.

If you’ve got some jewelry that you know will never be worn again, just take it to the Gold Buyer in Yuba City, CA and sell it. You can either get the gold value of the jewelry or you could sell it as antiquities or estate jewelry if it’s old enough. Then someone else who likes it can buy it and you’ll have the cash to buy the kind of jewelry you prefer wearing or someone you love would like. It’s a win-win situation.

Even if you know that a piece of jewelry or gold pieces you have hanging around isn’t worth anything, bring it in anyway. They will take a look at it and see if they can make an offer to help you.


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