Breath Easier with Vent Duct Cleaning in Stamford CT

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Your dryer blows out air through a vent. Your furnace and air conditioner blows air through the duct work. These vents and ducts can get build up in them. Every time there is air blown through them, particles from this build up can escape into the air. This can cause breathing issues and other problems. By having Vent Duct Cleaning Stamford CT, you can prevent these issues.

A dryer vent blows out the air from your dryer. Even though there is a lint filter, sometimes that lint still gets through. This can build up in the vent. Over time, this build up can clog the vent. This can pose a serious fire hazard. If the air from the dryer cannot be released, this can cause it to catch fire. Clothing lint can be very flammable. This can make the fire grow very quickly. It is important to keep this vent clean and clear. The vent on your dryer should be inspected regularly. If any lint is building up, it should be cleaned immediately. There are professionals with experience to clean your vents thoroughly.

Air ducts from your furnace and air conditioning systems can get build up, as well. Dust and debris can enter from air vents or improperly maintained ducts. This debris and dust can build up inside the duct work. If moisture enters the area, mold can begin to grow. Mold creates many spores. These spores can be blown into your home every time the furnace or air conditioner kicks on. This can be a big problem for your family, especially if they are allergy prone. It is very important to have these allergens removed from your system, as soon as possible.

Vent Duct Cleaning Stamford CT can help you with both of these issues. A company, such as Ultra Clean Air, can get your home safe and comfortable again. The trained staff will thoroughly clean the duct work of your home. This can help to restore safer breathing conditions for your family. By getting rid of the build up, it can help ensure your heating and cooling systems are working efficiently. They will clean all components of your system to ensure clean and efficient heating and cooling.

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