Boker Knives are High Quality and Versatile

The Many Types of Knives

All knives are not created equal. Not that one knife is necessarily better than any other knife, but certain knives are better for some applications while other knives are more useful for other situations. Many knife manufacturers make various types of knives that include.

  • pocket knives
  • kitchen knives
  • throwing knives
  • hunting knives

Boker Has a Reputation for Quality Knives
Boker was founded in Germany over a century ago. They are known for their attention to detail and for the quality construction of their knives. Boker knives are still mad in Germany but they are now also manufactured in other parts of the world as well.

What Kinds of Knives Does Boker Make?
Boker manufactures knives that fulfill a variety of needs. Boker manufactures a wide variety of diverse knives that are useful for throwing competitions, everyday household use, professional use, personal hygiene (razors) and much more. Many people also purchase Boker knives to add to their collection.

What Materials are Boker Knives Made From?
Boker knives are made from a variety of materials. Boker knife blades are usually made from stainless steel. Their handles are often made up of steel, titanium or wood. These materials have earned Boer the reputation for quality and durable cutting instruments.

Blade City is a Good Place to Buy Boker Knives Online
Blade city has a wide selection of Boker knives and other brands. You can find many styles of knives with various blade types, finishes, and handles. They also offer knives at multiple prices so that you will likely find one that meets your needs and desires. Visit us at to view our inventory and see exactly why so many people buy Boker knives Online at Blade City.

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