Benefits of Installing Pergolas in Brookfield, WI

Pergolas are essentially outdoor spaces that feature cross rafters but no walls. They are larger than arbors and can be either freestanding or attached to a building and can feature lattice for extra shade. Homeowners who aren’t sure whether they want to invest in this kind of hardscaping element can read on to find out about a few of the benefits of installing pergolas in Brookfield WI.

Extra Outdoor Living Space

Installing a pergola will create a comfortable outdoor space for entertaining or just enjoying a beautiful day outside. If homeowners choose to install solid roofs, a pergola can even offer some protection from rain and the sun. This allows the owners to leave outdoor furniture in their pergolas, making it easier to plan minor backyard events.

Fully Customizable

Unlike ordinary decks and patios, pergolas in Brookfield WI are fully customizable. Homeowners can choose how much shade they want their roofs to provide and whether they want to incorporate lattice into their pergolas’ design. Doing so will allow them to grow vines along the pergola’s edges for extra shade and natural beauty.

Free-Standing Structures

Although pergolas can be attached to homes or outbuildings, they don’t have to be. The fact that they can be created as free-standing design elements means they are much more versatile than most other hardscaping structures. Plus, they can add a different kind of visual interest to the yard and even make it seem larger than it actually is.

The Potential for Added Privacy

Depending on what kinds of roofs homeowners choose and whether they choose to incorporate lattice, a pergola can provide a good deal of extra privacy. This can come in especially handy in more crowded neighborhoods where families have trouble enjoying their outdoor space without nosy neighbors getting in the way.

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