Benefits of Custom Truck Flatbeds in Fresno, CA

Do you sometimes haul oversized loads? Maybe some of your cargo is not meant to fit inside a standard trailer. You may want to consider a good flatbed truck for your company and custom truck flatbeds in Fresno, CA, may be just what you need. Here is more about the subject and some of the benefits you can receive.

Bed Materials

Would you rather have a wood floor or something made from heavy-duty diamond plate steel? Wood is good for hauling things you need to move about on the bed. However, wood may not hold up to wet conditions as well as steel. You can receive the perfect floor for your hauling needs when you choose custom truck flatbeds in Fresno, CA.

Combination Bodies

Do your trucks need a dependable service body for tool storage? What if you sometimes haul cranes or other equipment and a flatbed is needed? Consider a combination service body with a small flatbed on the end. This gives you all the benefits of two vehicles in one.


Do you sometimes need to haul large tanks of liquid or gas? You might think about buying a tanker truck, but there may be a better option from your custom truck flatbed specialists in Fresno, CA. Take your truck to them and they can custom-design and create a flatbed made specifically for hauling the kind of tanks you use.

Dump Truck

Are you in the market for a good flatbed and a dump truck? If so, you should consider a dump/flatbed commercial truck. Your truck body specialists can give you a hardworking flatbed, which can also perform dumping duties. This can save you the cost of a new dump truck. Your vehicle can be modified to your specs, so it works perfectly and gives you many years of service.

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