Beautifying the Exterior of your Home

We all might dream about a beautiful sunroom attached to the back of our homes, just so we have somewhere warm and sunny to sit in. We might decide that a nice sunny conservatory is the right place to set up a little painting studio and put in some pretty furniture or have a games room and seating area that stays warm during the winter. Whatever your reasons for wanting to add a conservatory to your home, you should think about a few considerations prior to planning.

Planning and Finding a Contractor

Initially, your first thought should be to find a local company who can offer a professional service when it comes to your extension. For instance, if you are looking for companies who offer conservatories in Maidstone, you should make sure that you find a company with a good local reputation. It may be a company that specializes only in the construction of conservatories or it may be a professional building company who can do any form of improvement. Whatever the company, always check their professional credentials and their insurance, license and other credits that they should legally carry. Never sign a contract until you have read every little word and understand exactly how it will work and never pay for the whole job up front. Many companies might try to extract a large deposit of up to fifty percent of the price, but most reputable companies will ask for no money up front, unless they request a holding fee to book the job. This fee could be anything from fifty pounds to two hundred, but they would not generally ask for much more. Where possible keep records of all payments you make and examine the work as it progresses. That is not to say you should constantly hover over the builders to make sure they are doing their job, but, do pay visits every so often to make sure you like what you see.

Ask questions and take photos of the progress so that you have a visual record of the work in progress and date the photos with a digital date stamp. If there are ever any issues with the builder the only recourse you will have would be any proof of their negligence or lack of professionalism.

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