Basics to Adding a New Gazebo to Your Home

Whether you’re looking for some added shade, or a nice addition to your new lawn or garden, a gazebo is a nice way to complete this. The trouble is, if you have never built or purchased gazebos in Greenville SC, you might not even know the first place to begin. There are many different types such as pergolas, kiosks, pavilions, and even follies to name a few. These nice structures can be customized to your personal style to bring out the character in any home or garden.

DIY or Professional

Unless you’re going to get a pop-up gazebo for temporary pleasures, you’re going to have to build or have an expert build your gazebo using building plans. While they can be very easy to put together, there are some challenges that would lie ahead if you try to complete this task on your own. As the homeowner you are going to have to first select a type as well as consider other contributing factors listed below before beginning the project.


Since they are easily customizable, the first thing you will have to consider is the type of structure you are looking to have. There are a lot of features you can add to the unit, and therefore you can get as creative as you want. For instance they can have roofs that overhang, a sunroof, or even just shingles for simplicity. Other structural factors that will need to be thought about is the size of the gazebo, whether you want to have it screened in or keep it open, what type of materials you want to use (concrete or wood), and last but not least, whether you want your design to be square, circular, or octagonal.

Electrical Factors

The other thing that you will have to consider when getting gazebos in Greenville SC is the electricity. Since in all actuality, this will be like an outside extension of your home, it may be advisable that you meet with a certified and licensed electrician to find out how and what is the best way to provide a source of electricity to your addition. There are some homeowners who opt to use generators, whereas others take the more complex route of installing electric cables underground. Other electrical factors would be the installation of fans, heaters, lights, and electrical sockets.


Finally, once you have gotten through all of the above factors, you will have to think about where you are going to position your gazebo in your backyard. Positioning is everything, especially if you’re not purchasing a readymade or pop-up unit, therefore you really want to take your time in considering this option.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into adding a gazebo to your home or garden. While it may cost a bit more for a professional to help you, it is sometimes better to hire someone to ensure that it is installed and designed exactly as you would like. They are able to get the project done and make sure that everything is properly in place. Once you have seen your gazebo in full working order you will be glad to have an exterior place that you can still call home.

Building a gazebo or even the planning stages can be very complex to determine on your own. For professional assistance on adding gazebos in Greensville SC, visit

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