Attorneys Easton: The Criminal Offense of a Minor

If a child under the age of seven commits a crime, they cannot be tried in juvenile court or criminal court. Depending on the crime, the parents may be liable for the child’s actions. If you have a child under the age of seven that committed a crime, you should reach out to a law firm such as to see what options you have.

In most states, a criminal offender who has not yet reached the age of maturity would go through the juvenile justice system instead of the criminal justice system. This just means that they are going to get tried as a minor instead of an adult. In most cases, this also means that the crime could be expunged from their record when they become an adult as long as they are good and do not get in anymore trouble. Looking at the best Attorneys Easton to hire one is still a good idea even if your child is being tried for a crime as a minor. This is because Attorneys Easton are going to make sure that there is a chance for their record to be expunged when they become an adult.

Children who are between the ages of seven and fifteen are considered to be prime candidates to go through the juvenile court system. Unfortunately, children as young as twelve can be tried as adults in the regular criminal court system depending on what crime they committed. Generally, this is reserved from crimes such as rape, assault, murder, or abuse.

Whether or not a minor has to go through the juvenile court system is usually left to the discretion of the police officer that arrests them. It is not uncommon for a police officer to warn a minor of their actions before releasing them to their parents. If the minor committed a more serious crime, the parents cannot be found, or the minor has a history of repeat offenses, chances are pretty good the police officer is going to detain the minor to be tried in the juvenile court system. Once a minor is referred to the court system, a juvenile court officer will be the person who decides whether the matter should be handled on or off the record.

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