Asking DUI Lawyers Burlington Questions

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Lawyers

One of the first questions that a lot of DUI Lawyers Burlington get asked is how high or drunk someone has to be in order to get convicted. You have to understand that it is illegal to operate any vehicle while you are impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol. This does include prescription drugs and street drugs. This just means that there needs to be enough in your system that you are not able to think clearly. Believe it or not many people become too impaired to drive long before they become stoned or drunk.

One of the next questions that DUI Lawyers Burlington get asked is whether or not a person has to take a chemical test when they get stopped for a DUI. Just about every state has an implied consent law. This law states that your driving rights can get taken away if you refuse to take a test even if you are found out not to be drunk or under the influence of anything. In some states refusing to take the test is also considered an admission of guilt. Whether you are drunk or not, it is always going to be better just to take the tests that the officer has asked you to take.

You might even want to know if you have the right to speak to your lawyer before you get tested. That really comes down to where you live. In California you would not be allowed to speak to a lawyer before saying you will or you won’t take a test. In Arizona, you are encouraged to speak to your lawyer before taking a chemical test. There is no evidence to suggest that getting to talk to your lawyer first is going to do anything for your case. If you were drunk, you were drunk. What a test says or does not say is not going to change anything.

While you do have the right to remain silent it is important to make sure you are not coming off as rude to the officer. The last thing the law firm such as Powers & Costeck that is handling your case needs is a statement saying you were not willing to cooperate with the officer.

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