Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in Englewood, OH What a Case is Worth

One of the first questions that people ask is what a case is worth. However, no personal injury lawyer in Englewood, OH can tell a client the exact value of a case. No two cases have the same value. That is because calculating damages requires looking at several different factors. Combined, these factors can help an attorney give a good estimated value range about a particular personal injury case.

Property Damage

The easiest part of the damage award, property damage looks at the value of the property that was damaged. In an automobile accident, this property is almost always going to include vehicles, but other types of property can also be damaged. Any property that a driver breaks, destroys, or harms with a vehicle in an automobile accident can be included in property damages.

Past Medical Expenses

Another easy category to assess is the cost of past medical expenses. However, it surprises some people to discover that an insurance company may not agree that all of their medical expenses are necessary. To recover past medical expenses, it is not only necessary to show what was spent on medical care, but also the reasons that the care was necessary.

Future Medical Expenses

Future medical expenses are more difficult to assess. Many injured people underestimate their future medical expenses, which can lead to people accepting low settlement offers. A personal injury lawyer in Englewood, OH should have experience with a variety of different injury types and be able to help clients estimate what future medical expenses will be.

Lost Wages

Lost wages can be determined by looking at what an injured person was making at the time of the accident and the time away from work as a result of the accident. However, there can be disputes over how much time off is reasonable due to an accident. Also, if an injured person was not working or was underemployed at the time of the accident, there can be disputes over the reasonable value of wages.

Loss of Future Earnings

Loss of future earnings can be more difficult to calculate. Visit this link to find out how an injured party can demonstrate earning potential, even without a work history.

Other Damages

There are several other types of damages that injured people may be able to collect. The best way to learn what damages are available is to discuss the facts of a case with an attorney.

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