Arts Administration & Policy Master’s Degree at SAIC

Have you studied arts administration and fallen in love with the craft and nuance of the field? If so, you’re likely aiming to build a career related to these interests.

However, when you finish your undergraduate degree, you may realize you still lack some of the training and education needed to pursue higher-income jobs in your field. You may want to maximize your professional opportunities and avoid having to work entry-level jobs for the duration of your career.

As you contemplate going back to school to pursue higher education, you may wonder what institution to choose. A Master’s Degree in Arts Administration & Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) can provide you with all you need to thrive in the field of arts administration.

Opportunities for Higher Earning Potential

When you have an undergraduate degree, you may find the professional arena rather limiting. You may struggle to find a job that truly puts your skills to work and gives you the earning opportunity you want.

However, when you get a graduate degree in the same field, you may be able to pursue positions like an administrator in a museum or an organizer for art shows at a formal institution. You may also earn more money than you could earn in an entry-level position.

Find out more about pursuing an Arts Administration & Policy Master’s degree when you visit SAIC’s website. To learn how to enroll, what it costs, and what classes are available, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago today.

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