Arrested? Call a Criminal Attorney in Jeffesron County, MO

Being arrested is always a terrifying experience. It’s even worse when the person doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong. That can happen to men who go out to bars and have one-night stands. What they thought was consensual sex can turn into a rape charge very easily. They need to call a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO before they make any comments to the police. One of their loved ones could even go online to find a lawyer. Click Here to see such as site. The woman may be claiming that she was too drunk to give consent. If the man says he knew she was drunk, that could lead to devastating consequences.

Because of the sex offender registries in most states this is the type of charge that can easily follow a person for the rest of their life. It needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. A Professional criminal attorney Jefferson County MO will protect their rights from the first moment. It could even be worse if the woman who looked to be over 18 turned out to be younger. Innocent people always want to clear their name. People who have never committed a crime might consider the police their friends and want to help.

The lawyer will tell their client not to say anything to anyone. Phone conversations from jail are not protected. The police can listen in to any conversations. The only protected conversation is between a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO and their client. The police often put informers in the cell to gather information. The accused man should not contact the woman in any way, this includes phone calls, email, and Facebook. They should definitely not use Twitter either.

It can be very hard to get bail on these types of chargers. The Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO will explain to the judge that their client has never been in trouble before and that these charges have another side to them. If the woman has no bruises or doesn’t look like she was hurt in any way, this makes the defense attorney’s job easier. Once their client is out on bail, they attorney will hire private investigators to find proof that their client is telling the truth. The lawyer will work to get the charges dropped and save him the embarrassment of a trial.

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