Arraignment or Trial? When to Call a Bail Bonds Company in Glendale, AZ

Arraignment or Trial: When to Call a Bail Bonds Company in Glendale, AZ
Knowing when to call a bail bonds company in Glendale AZ, is tricky. Should the call take place right after arrest, during arraignment or just before the trial? The answer depends on the defendant’s situation, but sooner is always better.

The First Phone Call
In Arizona, a pretrial inmate has the right to complete one telephone call after being booked into jail. It might be wise to call a bail bond agent and get the ball rolling or call a friend or family member who can do it on the defendant’s behalf.

During the first phone call to the bond agent, the caller should supply the agent with the location of custody, the inmate’s full name and booking number, and the bail amount.

When is Bail Set?
In many counties jails post bail schedules: set bail amounts for the most common crimes. In other instances, most inmates undergo arraignment or a bail hearing within 48 hours.

If the inmate is waiting arraignment on a serious felony, the bond agent cannot post bail until the court imposes it. The paperwork process is a mere 20 to 45 minutes. Local police stations may release bonded inmates within an hour; larger, more crowded county jails can take eight to 12 hours.

Paying for a Bail Bond
Any bail bonds company in Glendale, AZ, charges 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount for the bond. This is a nonrefundable bond agent fee. Acceptable payment forms include PayPal, credit cards, cash, electronic bank transfers and cashier’s checks. Some bail bonds companies offer bond financing and comfortable repayment plans as well.

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