Are Fitted Dress Shirts Right for You?

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Shopping

When it comes to dress shirts, many men don’t always realize that they have an option. You don’t just have the choice of the same cut and style when it comes to dress shirts, you actually have several choices. One of these choices are fitted dress shirts. Fitted shirts have been all the rage in Europe and has now made an impact in the US. However, because of the way these shirts are cut, they may not look right on all men. After all, men have different body shapes and you will want to choose a cut that flatters you. Are fitted dress shirts right for you? Read on to find out:

Fitted Shirts are Best for Athletes

Fitted shirts for men are designed to follow the contours of a man’s torso. Typically, this means that they are wider at the top and slimmer at the bottom. Because of this, these shirts will only flatter a body that is similar, wider on the top and slimmer on the bottom, or a body that is athletic. A fitted shirt like this will not look right on a man who is too slim, as it will be loose on the top or for a man who is too robust, as the shirt will look too tight on the bottom. Fortunately, almost every designer store that sells slim fit shirts will also sell standard shirts, so if your body isn’t quite right for a slim fit, you can get the same shirt in a standard fit in most cases.

You Can Make Adjustments

Even if your body isn’t perfectly suited for a slim fit shirt, you still can buy one as most designer retailers will offer a little bit of give in their shirts. For instance, if you aren’t as slim as you would like, but still interested in this popular style, you can order a slim fit shirt with an extra inch or two in order to accommodate the extra inch or so that your body has. You can also, of course, have the shirt completely tailored, which will ensure that it fits correctly.

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