Applying for Apartments for Rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL

As a college student, you may quickly outgrow the accommodations found in dorm rooms on campus. These spaces might suit you well enough for your first or second years in school. However, as you get older and more independent, you need your own space in which to live and study.

Your solution, then, can come with leasing your own apartment that is close to where your classes are held. You can apply for and move into one of the apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Covering Your Rent

When you apply for one of these units near the school, you need to show that you can pay your rent on time each month. Most apartment complexes require that rent be paid on the first of every month. You cannot pay rent late if you want to avoid having extra penalties added on to what you already owe.

With that, the complex manager may require that you have an income that is equal to three times the amount of rent for the apartment that you want to lease. Your sources of income as a student can include any wages that you get from a job, as well as Pell grants and scholarships that you receive in financial aid.

If you need help covering the rent, you might have a roommate move in with you. You can find out more about apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL, by contacting Ion Lincoln Park today.

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