Anti Weld Spatter Coating: What It Does And Why You Should Use It

Blobs of molten metal called weld spatter is an unavoidable result of welding. Special coatings are available that reduce the increased production costs caused by weld spatter.

Spatter And Coatings

If a welded product is to be anodized, coated, or painted spatter hurts the aesthetics of the finished product. If a coating to guard against spatter isn’t used the weld spatter will have to be ground off slowing production time and increasing labor costs.

False Vacuum Test Results

Vacuum testing is used to check for leaks in storage tanks before they are put into use. Spatter can compromise the bottom of a storage tank by scratching the metal. During vacuum testing, weld spatter left at the bottom of the tank can cause false readings. Holes and other defects in the tank’s floor could be concealed by weld spatter.

Shortens The Life of Consumables

Spatter collects on diffusers, nozzles and welding tips. That build-up shortens the usable life of welding consumables by 20%.

Guarding Against Weld Spatter

Anti Weld Spatter coatings don’t prevent weld spatter. The coatings make it easier to remove spatter from welded surfaces. FluoroClad SDFC combines a primer with a finish coat containing PTFE that acts as a sealer/lubricant. FluoroClad weld spatter can be removed with a cloth or compressed air. PerfectArcs protects consumables from spattering build-up.

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