An Introduction To Warehousing For Durham Startup Businesses

Starting up a business in Durham is a big step for many people. It involves a lot of decisions and choices, and it typically involves a very steep learning curve about industry terms and business options.

One decision for any type of company is how much to invest in actual property, buildings, and capital assets. Often, startup companies choose to outsource many different aspects of their business to already established companies and services. A good example of this is using a warehousing and logistics service to manage inventory and to provide delivery services to customers.

Learning more about the options for outsourcing warehousing and distribution (logistics) helps the startup business owner or owners to consider their options. It is worth noting that many of the well-established small to large businesses in Durham used 3PL (third-party logistics) companies to manage this aspect of their business.

Safe Storage

When choosing a warehouse facility, safety, and security for your inventory should be a priority. The best facilities offer 24-hour, round the clock security monitoring. They also have fire suppression systems in place, and they ensure their buildings and systems are up to code on all safety and security regulations.

Another factor of security to ask about with warehousing and distribution companies is access to the facility. There should be some type of check-in process to limit access to the storage area to those who are customers and have identification and a reason to be on the property.

Capacity and Service

As a startup, it is often difficult to predict what is needed from the warehouse and logistics service. Look for a provider who offers a full range of services that you can add as they are required. In addition, be sure the facility selected has the ability to continue to provide your business with the physical space you need as your inventory and shipping needs grow.

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