An Indoor Shooting Range Experience in Newark with Expert Help Nearby

When it comes to perfecting your shot before hunting season, there’s nothing more crucial than sighting in your scope or practicing with a new weapon at a range. If you’re searching for an indoor shooting range in Newark, DE, look no further than this shooter’s supply shop. Not only do they have an abundance of firearms for sale or rent, but you can also use their indoor range whenever you need to brush up on your shot.

Gun Rentals Available

Any avid hunter or police officer knows it’s essential to get a feel for a weapon before making a purchase. Because of this, the team at this gun shop allows customers to rent a gun and test it out in their indoor shooting range in Newark, DE. Now, you can take the weapon you’ve got your eye on for a test run at the range to make sure it’s a good fit.

Training Available

Whether this is your first time handling a firearm or you want some expert advice on how to hone in the skills you already have, there are always certified professionals available to lend a helping hand or answer questions you may have about a specific gun. You can also rest assured that these professionals tolerate no-nonsense in the shop or indoor range as public safety is a top priority.

Contact Firing Line Inc. to learn more about their indoor shooting range in Newark, DE, and to inquire about the many guns they have available for purchase.

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