Ammonia Free Glass Cleaners For a Streak-Free Shine!

Everyone wants their windows to be clean and streak free. It is only natural that we reach for a window cleaner to get them looking great. Most people do not realize that most glass cleaners contain ammonia which can cause health problems. Instead of using a chemical-laden glass cleaner, use an ammonia free glass cleaner.

Health Issues with Ammonia

Glass cleaners which contain the toxic chemical ammonia are dangerous to anyone who comes in contact with it. Many health institutions have specific guidelines on handling products with ammonia and how to treat ammonia exposure.

Ammonia is a commonly used chemical in many household cleaning products including glass cleaners. It is a colorless, highly irritating chemical that when it comes in contact with the skin, eyes, mouth, or inhaled, it can cause cells to break down. This, in turn, causes inflammation, respiratory issues, coughing, fatigue, and other issues. The fumes from glass cleaners containing ammonia can induce asthma in even healthy individuals. That is why the directions on the bottles say to only use the product in well-ventilated areas. The manufacturer of these products is not required to list every ingredient on the label.

Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner

Ammonia free glass cleaners do not contain the harmful fumes that are in other glass cleaners. Ammonia free glass cleaners are fine to use in enclosed spaces like a garage.

Ammonia free glass cleaners reduce glare and leaves glass streak-free. This makes the product great for cleaning the glass on vehicles. In addition, the ammonia in glass cleaners can damage any type of window film on the glass. In addition, cleaners containing the toxic ingredient of ammonia can damage the finish or shellac on many surfaces.

Environmentally Safe

Cleaning products containing ammonia can contaminate the ozone, water, air, and land. Our entire environment is affected by the choices we make.

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